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A change of career path shoots Ruby’s life from an advertising underling having her ideas stolen by her boss into the glitzy life of a sexy voice-over artist. Music has been her passion. However, getting out of her parent’s house again trumps everything. Finding herself and her voice is paramount to establishing herself in the business world and creating a particular niche to showcase her talents. How could she know that her next audition would catch the eye of the man who would turn her world upside down?

Daniel needs “that perfect voice” to take his career to the next level – owning the advertising agency where he works, Miles & Stone – but who will make this new campaign rise to get the current owners’ attention? The stars align when his payday literally drops into his office and blows away all the competition not only vocally but with all the right curves and an angel’s face.

As Ruby learns the ins and outs of her new voice-over career, she also learns the angles and abs of her boss, both in and out of the recording studio. She has to prove to Daniel he made the right decision to hire her, but primarily to herself that she has the talent, perseverance, and dedication to overcome more corporate sabotage and rumor mills. Can Daniel get past all the sacrifices and disappointments he has faced in the past? Will he prove himself to be the right man to take on the legacy of the Miles & Stone Advertising Agency while keeping Ruby protected emotionally from his corporate-climbing past fling? It’s time Daniel takes matters into his own hands to ensure his and Ruby’s future successes.

The Perfect Voice moves you through a series of contentious life issues with a comedic counterpoint wrapped around a hot contemporary romance with a light and fluffy center. You’re going to eat this up!  If you like to be swept off your feet by a real man with real substance, this book is for you. If you are a woman who constantly is re-inventing herself to get ahead, buy this book NOW!

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