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Fall in love with two strong, empowered women and the heroes that captured their hearts in The Perfect Series. Set in Birmingham, Michigan, a vibrant city of Metro Detroit. This series is steeped with steamy romance with a comedic banter and deeply moving stories. Snuggle up with your favorite beverage and let Ruby and Trudie’s stories transport you to the world of romance!

In The Perfect Voice:

Music has always been Ruby’s passion. However, getting out of her parents’ house again (after a rocky change in career paths) trumps everything, so she auditioned to be a sexy voice-over artist.

Daniel needs that “perfect voice” to take his advertising agency to the next level. The stars align when Ruby blows away all the competition—not only vocally but with all the right curves and an angel’s face.

As Ruby learns the ins and outs of her new voice-over career, she also learns the angles and abs of her boss, both in and out of the recording studio. Can she prove to Daniel that he made the right decision to hire her? Can she prove that she has the talent, perseverance, and dedication to overcome corporate sabotage and rumor mills to get the career she dreams of? Can Daniel move on from all the sacrifices and disappointments he has faced in the past, all while keeping Ruby protected from his corporate-climbing past fling?

The Perfect Voice moves through contentious life issues with a comedic counterpoint, a hot contemporary romance wrapped around a light and fluffy center.  If you like to be swept off your feet by a real man with real substance, this book is for you. If you are a woman constantly reinventing herself to get ahead, then The Perfect Voice is perfect for you.

In The Perfect Lessons: Warning, this is a cliffhanger to Making Perfect Sense

Trudie, a middle school English teacher, is on her way to another psychology conference when she walks into a wall of hard pecs and abs named Dr. Alexander Pierce. The nationally-acclaimed psychologist specializing in childhood trauma who looks like a Grecian god is to be her lecturer all week.

Too bad he’s not half as humble as he is smart.

His superiority complex inadvertently puts Trudie on the defensive. When he challenges her and she pushes back in front of hundreds of attendees, she cracks Dr. Pierce’s veneer, something he certainly didn’t plan on happening this week—or ever.

Trudie needs a teacher to heal her past emotional wounds. Alex needs a reason to get off his high horse. They need a way to work out their differences, or the consequences could be devastating.

The Perfect Lessons will leave you panting with pleasure—all while getting to the heart and soul of what makes us happy. 

In Making Perfect Sense: 

When Trudie returns home from the glamorous New York Gala, shattered by Alex’s lies of omission, she must find a way to untangle truth from fiction. She is forced to work alongside him for another six months and must find a way to put aside her feelings for Alex so that she may regain focus on her students and her personal life.

With a past filled with childhood trauma still affecting them as adults, Trudie and Alex must learn to trust one another if they are to heal and pave the way for their future. Alex still has lessons to teach Trudie’s wanton body, and Trudie continues teaching him how to get what he wants without being a jerk. They must figure it out before the school year ends, if not for themselves but for the kids whose futures depend on it. If you enjoy Lucy Score’s books, you’ll love this one.

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