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A Novella~

Ella and Viktor should never have texted, should never have spoken. Finding each other on a second-rate social media platform was a disaster waiting to happen…except it wasn’t.

A simple midwestern ER nurse threw caution to the wind ogling her on-screen hottie. A Ukrainian-born actor puts his career on the line wanting to text with a beautiful face and soulful eyes. They say beauty is only skin deep except these characters learn that trust and compassion go right to the core of their essence.

Read Socially Satisfied and see if Ella and Viktor can navigate a way to make their fantasies come true. It’s more than just a swipe.

Ella – I feel so stupid clicking this beautiful man’s name. He’s an up-and-coming actor, and I’m just an ER nurse with time on my hands. Even if I did click on his name, he probably wouldn’t be speaking with him, right? But I did it anyway.

Viktor – I’m a busy man. I have people – PR people, assistants, and social media specialists that manage all my social accounts, except one.

Ella – When I get a response that doesn’t seem like it was a computer bot, I wondered if it really was him.

Viktor – Ella, you don’t sound like anyone I’ve ever spoken to.

Ella – Viktor, Is this really you?

*Note to Reader ~ this is a modern-day social media fantasy novella. The author warns that this behavior in real life can be dangerous. Please read responsibly.

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