Making Perfect Sense


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When Trudie returns home from the New York Gala Dr. Alexander Pierce begged her to attend as a buffer to his obnoxious family, she has to unravel what is the truth and what are the lies he has told her. Confusion and disappointment cloud Trudie’s head while she is still forced to work daily with Alex. Her focus needs to be on her students and herself, not on this gorgeous, pompous, selfish philanderer.

Trudie and Alex have a long way to go fix their childhood traumas. A continuation of The Perfect Lessons, they find that trust is the only way to heal their past while paving the road to their future. Alex still has several lessons to teach Trudie’s wanton body, and she needs to teach him how to get what he wants without being a jerk.

Our heroes need to figure it out before the school year ends, if not for themselves but for the kids whose lives depend on it.

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