Always Falling Behind


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Never hitch a ride with a stranger…unless he’s hot.

I’m Abigail Farnsworth-Burton. ADHD’er extraordinaire. Aspiring artist of mediums I’m not practiced in and chef of meals I’ve never eaten. And now, heiress. Basically, it means I now own more assets than I can wrap my head — and my limited organizational capacity — around.

So, of course, my car breaks down 400 miles shy of my new mansion. And, of course, the only guy offering a ride looks intimidating as hell…until he opens his mouth. I didn’t care that he tripped over his words every time he spoke to me. I figured if he were a real killer, he’d be smoother in his script. Bad guys are never this hot…right?

And Elias McGinnis is anything but scripted — unlike the voice in my head that seems intent on my eventual downfall.

My one saving grace is my new friend, Amy The Great. She always knows exactly how to get things done. Too bad she’s a chicken.

But old money attracts new enemies, and focusing on anything is impossible with my sexy live-in mechanic. If I only had a plan – and some actual cash. Oh, and a car.

Always Falling Behind is a fun and steamy rom-com that shows people with neuro-divergent brains living their best lives.

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