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Trudie, a middle school English teacher, is on her way to another psychology conference when she walks into a wall of hard pecs and abs named Dr. Alexander Pierce. The nationally-acclaimed psychologist specializing in childhood trauma who looks like a Grecian god is to be her lecturer all week.

Too bad he’s not half as humble as he is smart.

His superiority complex inadvertently puts Trudie on the defensive. When he challenges her and she pushes back in front of hundreds of attendees, she cracks Dr. Pierce’s veneer, something he certainly didn’t plan on happening this week—or ever.

Trudie needs a teacher to heal her past emotional wounds. Alex needs a reason to get off his high horse. They need a way to work out their differences, or the consequences could be devastating.

The Perfect Lessons will leave you panting with pleasure—all while getting to the heart and soul of what makes us happy. 

This is the second book in “The Perfect” series from Beth Gelman. The Perfect Lessons is a cliffhanger to “Making Perfect Sense” releasing August 2023.

CLICK HERE now to get your copy of The Perfect Lessons and prepare to get swept away!

Reviews for The Perfect Lessons


Enemies to lovers semi romcom, focused on psychology and helping at risk children in the schools.

I would classify this book as a semi romcom. There are some humorous elements sprinkled throughout, but there are plenty of serious and spicy elements, too. I would definitely say this book has a more serious feel to it, as compared to the first book “The Perfect Voice” (which is more of a quirky romcom in its entirety). I enjoyed this author’s higher level of writing. Her intellect and knowledge is reflected in her writing style and characters.

The hero in this book (Alex) has a Phd in psychology, is considered an expert in the field, and even is a renowned speaker at conferences. The heroine (Trudie) is a middle school teacher with a strong interest in psychology, who attends psychology conferences each year (for both professional and personal development). Both characters have an interest in helping at risk children in the schools and attempt to help them with their knowledge and experience in psychology. The funny thing is we have two people: The hero an expert in the field of psychology and the heroine an experienced teacher (with an interest in psychology), yet both of them are not so good at controlling their behavior or communicating with each other! LOL. At times I felt like telling Alex to start practicing what he preaches, since he is the expert after all (he should know better)! Trudie could probably use some of the same advice too, but at least she wasn’t conducting psychology seminars! It can be a bit mind boggling at times witnessing these two adult professionals interacting with each other. Perhaps love makes you blind and do silly things! As someone who has also studied in the field of psychology and counseling, I felt like pulling them both aside and giving them a refresher course in communication skills – which are primary and basic skills in psychoanalysis and therapy! I think they both could have resolved most of their issues by just listening to each other and communicating (what is actually taught in psychological/therapeutic education and training). But that would be too simple and boring! The angst makes for an interesting story, so I am sure that is why things pan out much differently for them.

Throughout the book, Alex and Trudie were more like enemies who tolerated each other, with a sexual tension. So we see a lot of them randomly hooking up and then making assumptions, running away, and then not having much to do with each other for a time. Then fate would always bring them back together again, offering them another try at repairing their relationship each time. This is a slow burn romance. You will for sure be kept on your toes wondering whether Alex and Trudie will finally be able to work things out or will they continue letting their own personal issues get in the way. It definitely goes to show that we are all human and have our faults, even the experts and professionals in this world are not perfect!

Please be aware this book ends with a big cliffhanger. However, the author’s next book in the series “Making Perfect Sense” (book 3) is scheduled to become available in late August 2023. This 2nd book “The Perfect Lessons” can be read before book 1 “The Perfect Voice” in this series, but this book of course will need to be read prior to reading book 3, due to the cliffhanger. I recommend giving Beth Gelman’s books a try and supporting her journey as an up and coming author!