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Never hitch a ride with a stranger…unless he’s hot.

I’m Abigail Farnsworth-Burton. ADHD’er extraordinaire. Aspiring artist of mediums I’m not practiced in and chef of meals I’ve never eaten. And now, heiress. Basically, it means I now own more assets than I can wrap my head — and my limited organizational capacity — around.

So, of course, my car breaks down 400 miles shy of my new mansion. And, of course, the only guy offering a ride looks intimidating as hell…until he opens his mouth. I didn’t care that he tripped over his words every time he spoke to me. I figured if he were a real killer, he’d be smoother in his script. Bad guys are never this hot…right?

And Elias McGinnis is anything but scripted — unlike the voice in my head that seems intent on my eventual downfall.

My one saving grace is my new friend, Amy The Great. She always knows exactly how to get things done. Too bad she’s a chicken.

But old money attracts new enemies, and focusing on anything is impossible with my sexy live-in mechanic. If I only had a plan – and some actual cash. Oh, and a car.

Always Falling Behind is a fun and steamy rom-com that shows people with neuro-divergent brains living their best lives.

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Reviews for Always Falling Behind

Ashley Julia

Spicy Relatable Characters

… Abigail’s is a nuero-spicy mid-twenty something just trying to navigate life. Unsupported, unmedicated, and under appreciated she is spending her time trying to prove her worth. If you are someone with ADHD or Anxiety she is a relatable character. Her inner monologue is incredibly accurate. Gelman does a remarkable job navigating between the characters outer world and their inner workings. …

Ileana Aranda

Good representation, so much potential

If you are neurodivergent, you will enjoy the main character’s (Abigail’s) inner-monologue. I find myself following seamlessly along with her, especially when it comes to dealing with ADHD, without medication or really any support system. I appreciation the representation…


Abigail and Elias

… This book has some of my favorite tropes in it: Small Town, Age Gap, Tattoos, Close Proximity to name a few. I enjoyed watching the two main characters grow and hearing about their pasts. Elias is very caring and anyone would love him. Abigail has diagnosed but untreated ADHD and it is written with much consideration.

The ending portion, which is probably a set up for a future book, with the two BFFs is weird and didn’t seamlessly fit into the story.

Thank you for the copy, this is my honest opinion.

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming and Steamy

What sets this story apart is its refreshingly real take on neurodiversity. Abigail’s journey is like a breath of fresh air—full of relatable moments and genuine struggles. It’s all about embracing who you are, quirks and all, and boy, does it hit close to home.

4.0 out of 5 stars Must readReviewed in the United States on May 9, 2024


Abigail has always felt like a burden to her caregiver, her aunt. At the age of 24 Abigail finds out she has an inheritance, but she needs to leave home and travel to claim it. She only has 48hrs to claim the mansion and money, so she packs up her belongings and decides to leave home. But during her travels, she experiences habit of car trouble and meets a lovely mechanic, Elias. Abigail has hours left to claim her inheritance and begs Elias for help, and one thing leads to another.

Tropes in it: Small Town, Age Gap, Tattoos, Close Proximity, and HEA
The main characters were so well written and I feel like I was right there watching them grow and hearing about their stories. Elias is perfect and anyone would love him, he drops everything to help a random stranger and gets his HEA. Abigail was diagnosed with ADHD that is untreated, she is written so beautifully and the author defiantly took their time learning abut this disorder to create such a perfect lead. This book was a blast to read and I love how the book ends with possibility for hopefully a sequel.