The Perfect Series

The Perfect Voice – A Steamy Office Romance

Temptation, ambition, and the perfect voice.

Ruby has always had a passion for music, but when the opportunity to become a sexy voice-over artist arises, she grabs it – no matter what the cost. She soon discovers that her boss, Daniel, is not only the imminent owner of the agency but also the not-so-perfect gentleman. As Ruby learns the ropes of her new career, she also learns the abs and angles of her boss.

Can Ruby prove to Daniel that he made the right decision to hire her, while simultaneously proving to herself that she has the talent and dedication to get the career of her dreams? As Ruby and Daniel move through a series of contentious life issues, they must also overcome corporate sabotage and past flings to reach their ultimate goal.

The Perfect Voice is a hot contemporary romance with a comedic counterpoint. If you enjoyed the book “The One” by Kiera Cass, you’ll love The Perfect Voice. Buy now before the price


The Perfect Lessons – Learning Couldn’t Be More Fun

When Trudie, a middle school English teacher, walks into a wall of hard pecs and abs named Dr. Alexander Pierce, she’s immediately taken aback by the nationally acclaimed psychologist specializing in childhood trauma. Trudie has her own daddy issues from childhood that have plagued her for years, and even though she’s made progress, there is still more to tackle, hence the conference she is attending. When she ends up in several of the good doctor’s lectures,  she learns he isn’t half as humble as he is smart. Dr. Pierce’s superiority complex puts Trudie on the defensive, and sparks start to fly. Trudie never backs down from a challenge, especially when it comes to defending herself. But when she clashes with the arrogant Dr. Pierce in front of a crowd, she never expected to crack his tough exterior. And now, as they are forced to work together, Trudie and Alex must find a way to overcome their differences before it’s too late.

Set against the backdrop of a prestigious conference, “The Perfect Lessons” follows Trudie, a woman in need of healing, and Alex, a man in need of humbling. As they navigate their intense and complicated relationship, their journey will leave readers breathless and yearning for more.

Don’t wait any longer to dive into the captivating world of “The Perfect Lessons.” Experience the thrill of this cliffhanger ending that will leave you craving for more in “Making Perfect Sense,” now available on Amazon and other fine distributors.


Making Perfect Sense – When Only The Truth Matters


When Trudie returns home from the glamorous New York Gala, shattered by Alex’s lies of omission, she must find a way to untangle truth from fiction. She is forced to work alongside him for another six months and must find a way to put aside her feelings for Alex so that she may regain focus on her students and her personal life.

With a past filled with childhood trauma still affecting them as adults, Trudie and Alex must learn to trust one another if they are to heal and pave the way for their future. Alex still has lessons to teach Trudie’s wanton body, and Trudie continues teaching him how to get what he wants without being a jerk. They must figure it out before the school year ends, if not for themselves but for the kids whose futures depend on it.If you enjoy Lucy Score’s books, you’ll love this one.


Dazed and Confused

Always Falling Behind

Never hitch a ride with a stranger…unless he’s hot.

I’m Abigail Farnsworth-Burton. ADHD’er extraordinaire. Aspiring artist of mediums I’m not practiced in and chef of meals I’ve never eaten. And now, heiress. Basically, it means I now own more assets than I can wrap my head — and my limited organizational capacity — around.

So, of course, my car breaks down 400 miles shy of my new mansion. And, of course, the only guy offering a ride looks intimidating as hell…until he opens his mouth. I didn’t care that he tripped over his words every time he spoke to me. I figured if he were a real killer, he’d be smoother in his script. Bad guys are never this hot…right?

And Elias McGinnis is anything but scripted — unlike the voice in my head that seems intent on my eventual downfall.

My one saving grace is my new friend, Amy The Great. She always knows exactly how to get things done. Too bad she’s a chicken.

But old money attracts new enemies, and focusing on anything is impossible with my sexy live-in mechanic. If I only had a plan – and some actual cash. Oh, and a car.

Always Falling Behind is a fun and steamy rom-com that shows people with neuro-divergent brains living their best lives.


Socially Satisfied

Ella and Viktor should never have texted, should never have spoken. Finding each other on a second-rate social media platform was a disaster waiting to happen…except it wasn’t.

A simple midwestern ER nurse threw caution to the wind ogling her on-screen hottie. A Ukrainian-born actor puts his career on the line wanting to text with a beautiful face and soulful eyes. They say beauty is only skin deep except these characters learn that trust and compassion go right to the core of their essence.

Read Socially Satisfied and see if Ella and Viktor can navigate a way to make their fantasies come true. It’s more than just a swipe.