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The Perfect Series

The Perfect Voice – A Steamy Office Romance


Hot Hot Hot!
This steamy book is a definite page-turner. Daniel and Ruby develop a super sexy relationship, but there’s a plot that keeps the reader wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book! Sharon Z.

In this steamy office romance, Ruby invents herself and captures the attention of her new boss, Daniel, who is willing to take a chance on her voice-over talents. Too bad Daniel’s previous office romance has other ideas.

The Perfect Lessons – Learning Couldn’t Be More Fun

Trudie is on her way to another psychology conference to become a better teacher, though mostly to work out her daddy issues.  When she walks into a wall of hard pecs and abs named Dr. Alexander Pierce she knows he will fix her childhood trauma while teaching her body the meaning of pleasure.

Making Perfect Sense

More details to come!


Socially Satisfied

Ella and Viktor should never have texted, should never have spoken. Finding each other on a second-rate social media platform was a disaster waiting to happen…except it wasn’t.

A simple midwestern ER nurse threw caution to the wind ogling her on-screen hottie. A Ukrainian-born actor puts his career on the line wanting to text with a beautiful face and soulful eyes. They say beauty is only skin deep except these characters learn that trust and compassion go right to the core of their essence.

Read Socially Satisfied and see if Ella and Viktor can navigate a way to make their fantasies come true. It’s more than just a swipe.