One of my favorite Broadway plays is Jekyll & Hyde, written for stage by Leslie Bricusse. You’ve most likely read or heard of the story about a researcher, doctor, Jekyll, who injects himself with an array of concoctions designed to cure a dementia-like disease that has infected his father. Unfortunately, all his attempts have failed, only to transform him into a monster who kills women in the dark of night.

The words, “Lost in the darkness, silence surrounds you, once there was morning, now endless night. If I could reach you, I’d guide you and teach you to walk from the darkness back into the light.”

These words have haunted me since the day I saw this show back in 1996. The desperation, devotion, and commitment the good doctor placed to his task were not only admirable but futile and deadly. This idea of complete hyperfocus had always scared me, knowing that being consumed by one thing would isolate me from everything else in my life.

As I write this, I’m releasing this pent-up fear of not wanting to push myself too much or extending myself in ways that take me out of my comfort zone. I consider myself a go-getter, extrovert, and person whom others seek out my perspective, but as life has happened, a part of me has slipped into the shadows, and it scares me that I cannot recover those pieces I once cherished. Does it scare you, too?

If you’ve met me, you’ll know that I am very spiritually connected and have empathic abilities and a great intuition. This gift has grown and blessed me in many ways, but it also feeds me with trepidation, knowing that if my gut is not “feeling it,” I’d better reevaluate whatever I had planned to do, i.e., an upcoming trip to Italy.

I don’t want to live in darkness, afraid of the possibilities of things beyond my ken, yet I can’t deny feeling that during the times we now live in. I needed to pause and measure the risks of doing or not doing things in my life, and this time, going to Italy wasn’t necessary. Hawaii was a much safer and equally exciting option!

My work as an author evokes emotions I’ve lost touch with, and often darkness trickles upward, and equally as much, outward, allowing me to grow to let go of fears that no longer need to exist.

My challenge to you this month is to sit with yourself and write out your fears. Identify why they exist, how those fears have protected you through your life, and whether they are still relevant today. Do a little dance and say goodbye to any that you’ve outgrown. Give yourself some grace, and believe you are more than your fears and failures. Hug yourself, knowing you’re trying your best to move forward in your journey through life, and know I’ve got your back if you need a cheerleader.

Best to you always,