You know that feeling that time is running out?

You’ve put off changing your behavior or committing to up-ing your game. Have you stopped the nonsensical thinking that some miraculous intervention will occur that would allow you to keep doing what you’ve been doing, and still, without making a single alteration in your life, make changes? Yeah, well, the buck stopped on December 31, 2023. Tough titties for me. My delusion has ended. Time to pull up my big-girl panties and face the music.

Sounds daunting? Well, it is. (Too bad, so sad.)

I’ve had my head in the sand since the pandemic began, no, since my kids graduated from high school. Or was it when they started high school? Those finite moments when time is slipping by, and you need a coping mechanism to get through the mind-blowing idea that your life will never be how it was before that “thing” happened. Are you measuring time like me? After the pandemic/before the pandemic? Before kids/after kids? Before marriage/after marriage? It blows my mind how we packet our lives in terms of before and after. Regrets? Yeah, I’ve had more than a few. My current state of affairs? Frustrated. There are two key components to my frustration: my weight and my inability to keep all my “balls” in the air like I had just a few short years ago.

I’m tired of having to be everything to everyone. At forty years old, I learned how to say “no.” At fifty, my body learned to say “no,” so I said “no” more often. Several years later, I feel that time is running short, and where once saying no was considered self-preservation, it has now become an excuse not to live life to its fullest. I’m done taking a backseat, it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat.  It’s time to find a new way to live.

First up, back to basics. Better eating. Thinking kinder thoughts about myself. Exercising in a more mature, kind way. Setting a smoother, sustainable pace. My word for the year: CONSISTENCY!

Second, pare down. Time to empty drawers and closets of things I thought I still needed. (Especially the things my children used and will never use again.) I won’t stay in my current house forever and don’t want to be overwhelmed with junk when I decide to move. The time to clear out my crap is NOW!

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