Hmm? Where to begin? First off, reaching my readers is not only essential as an author, it’s sincerely the best way for me to connect with them on a more personal level. I’ve created online relationships that are fulfilling, heartwarming, and helpful. Jane in the UK has been a devoted reader and has offered to be a regular BETA and ARC reader. We have had some hilarious conversations and shared pieces of our lives with each other making the author-reader connection very real to me, and I hope to her.

Another author, Meg in South Africa (yeah, that’s really a long way aways) have commiserated on the ups and downs of the author business and to hear her perspective about this-and-that made some very salient points for me to consider. We are following the same path as newer authors and to have a friend to share the journey from the beginning has been terrific.

This week, however, another devoted reader from my newsletter answered my “call” to let me know what changes in her life could be made to simplify and focus on only things that brings joy. I was dumbfounded when she shared the results of some medical testing. B – was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I wished I could have crawled through the ether to wrap her in my arms and tell her all would be well. Instead, I cried alone with my family supporting me as I processed the few lines she wrote. She thanked me – thanked ME – for providing her books that not only distracted her during her diagnostic process, but comforted her as she reviewed some essential lessons about healing childhood traumas and finding forgiveness during death. It was a WOW moment for me and reaffirmed my decision to keep writing about real people issues in a way that brings humor and healing along the way. PLEASE keep my reader, B in your healing prayers for a peaceful journey and know that I’m hear to be an objective listener for ALL my readers. Best of everything to all of you!