The Clock Never Stops and so should you.

Time is elusive. Your persistence is critical. You’re up with the sun and ready to take on the day. You have hours to fill and ideas that never stop…until you sit down in front of your computer. Can you hear the crickets? Chirp, chirp. Furthermore, your coffee become your sole focus as you distract yourself with mindless clicking. Are social media, advertisement, giant selling machines that send you great deals you can’t live without from their mega-logarithms acting like squirrels hunting for nuts? Lastly, you must persist. Show some grit. Just put some words on the page and don’t judge it. You need persistence, and probably some grit. What is your effort level today?

I’ll admit, I haven’t made it a point to be a consistent blogger, but in my defense, I have been a machine a writing books! Four, since the last time I posted. You Go Girl! Alas, time waits for no woman, and my blogging clock just ran out.

So, with my trusty new ergonomic keyboard, I offer to you, my Insatiable Readers, keep on reading and writing. Save your judgement for another day and just put some words on the proverbial page and call it good.

Are you an over-achiever? Me too. 50 words= Brain Fart, in my mind. I need at least 750 to make an honest effort. Persistence. Grit. Those are two words every writer must have in their literary tool box. Being an author, a published author, is not for the faint of heart.

In upcoming blogs, I’ll be sharing more about my authoring journey, along with some courses I’m curating for the fall. It’s entitled, “I Want To Write A Book. Show Me The Way.” (Or something like that. I’m still workshopping the title. Any ideas?)

That’s all for today so remember: Time is not elusive. Persistence, Grit, and an honest effort will prevail. Leave your judgement aside. We can tackle that another time.

Best to you all! Learn more about Beth Gelman here:


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