GOOD NEWS! Edits are D-O-N-E for The Perfect Voice! (At least I hope so. LOL) 5 weeks to Go Live.

This week of “Life As I Know It” will be focused on FORGIVENESS.

This may be a tough topic for someone of you, because frankly some people you may think don’t deserve forgiveness. That they have done something so heinous that you couldn’t possibly offer them absolution. It’s not for me to say.

I would offer this, though. Every poem from Maya Angelou, to every story like, “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People,” by David Kushner, all come back to the same thing…forgiveness isn’t for the other person, it’s for YOU!

In case you’ve missed all the signs, (and there are many) when you forgive someone of their trespasses, it takes a burden off the pile you carry every day on your back. It lightens YOUR LOAD, not the jerk that made your life a misery. You’ve heard the expression, “He knows not what he does?” Well, sometimes that’s the truth. Other times, bad things happen to good-intentioned people. My favorite is, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Either way, try being the bigger person and…LET IT GO! Life is too short to waste all your good energy on BS that doesn’t matter.

In case you think, I’m having a tough time with this now, I’m not. I had in the past many times over, though, just like the rest of us. Yet, the more I dug into the pain I felt was being inflicted on me, the worse I felt. Come to think of it, in many of these circumstances I had EXPECTATIONS that weren’t shared with the other person, and therefore I felt victimized. Had I set some boundaries or communicated more clearly what I was willing to do/not do, I wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place! So who’s to blame now?

So I’ll leave you with this…OWN WHAT’S YOURS TO OWN. How much of the problem was YOU? 20%? 50%? 75%? You can’t expect someone to forgive you when you haven’t forgiven yourself for having made a bad decision, withholding information, not setting boundaries ahead of time, or any other miscommunication that led to your despair. Own what’s yours and FIX IT! SAY YOU’RE SORRY FIRST! Even if you didn’t start it. YES! Be the bigger person and rank the situation as it relates to the BIG PICTURE of life, and move on.

Can you feel me? Do it for yourself, and you will feel the joy of freedom from the burden and gratitude for putting the situation behind you.

Be kind to yourself and READ ON!

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